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Retirement_investment_saving_1.jpgWe believe that KiwiSaver is one of the best initiatives provided to assist people with their retirement planning. And we have supported KiwiSaver from its' inception. 

Although we have access to numerous providers we have maintained our longstanding relationship with ANZ (previously OnePath) and NZ Funds as options. These providers are well respected and each offer their own approach to investments and fund structure / allocations - please feel free to visit their websites. 

We have developed 'tolerance' assessment profiles to assist in the decision making process and although this will provide an indication of your ability to handle risk, you can 'tailor-make' your investment to suit yourself.

In addition to the initial assessment we will send an updated 'personal investment profile' to complete and return to us. This way we can assist you with ensuring that your funds are appropriately invested.

You can alter or redirect the allocation of your funds to appropriate asset classes. Multiple managed funds or sector specific funds including a 'Lifecycle' options which adjusts or reduces the equity exposure of the fund as you get older i.e. by the time you get to retirement your funds would have been transferred through the managed funds to a 'conservative' fund and at age 65 transferred to a 'cash' fund. At this stage the lump sum will be available to you.

The 'cost of delay' is realised at the end of the investment period and not as many assume at the start. Assessing this with the additional contribution from the employer and the Government, it is easy to illustrate how much you may be missing out on.

We are availble to present to Companies and their staff to explain the benefits of KiwiSaver and encourage people to take up the offer and start planning for a enjoyable retirement. Contact us to discuss this option.

Employers can select a preferred provider for the company.

Please feel free to contact us or send us an e-mail to request our Employer KiwiSaver pack.

Our intention has always been to provide significant benefits to Companies via our facilities which enhance staff retention and well being but at no cost to the Company.
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