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Calculation_graph_spreadsheet_1.jpgAt HWP we can assist with investment planning.

We provide services which include Managed funds, KiwiSaver, portfolio structure:

Managed Funds: We utilise providers that offer a multi-manager approach and sufficient flexibilty for our clients. Should a more sophiticated platform be required, suitable recommendations will be suggested.

Private Portfolio Service and Select Investor Service are utilised as platforms.

KiwiSaver: There are numerous providers for KiwiSaver, however, we do not believe that this is necessarily the more difficult of the choices to be made. The funds options within each provider will require further investigation.

We have the facility to assist employers with these choices. Statistically about 1.3million Kiwi's have joined KiwiSaver and a significant percentage of these investors have been allocated a default option and a conservative fund. The appropriate fund selection is imperative. The effect of compound interest (also referred to as the 8th wonder of the world) over time can equate to a significant difference in funds values. Of greater concern is that about 6 out of every 10 Kiwi's haven't joined KiwiSaver.
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