Specialist & Tests

Specialist & Tests cover

Specialist_nurse_with_patient_1.jpgThis module provides additional cover for consultations with registered medical specialists and diagnostic tests and imaging regardless of when they occur before admission or after discharge from a private hospital, whether for surgical or non-surgical treatment.

This benefit provides cover for reasonable charges (no excess applies) for Specialist consultations (no annual limits on the number of consultations); Surgeon consultations (no annual limits on the number of consultations); Cancer care consultations; Psychiatrist consultations; Public hospital outpatient charges.

Imaging: MRI scan; CT scan; X-ray; Mammography; Ultrasound; Nuclear scanning.

Other diagnostic tests: EEG; EMG; Exercise ECG; Holter monitoring; Audiometric tests including brain stem evoked response; Urodynamic assessments; Allergy testing; Laboratory tests etc. This benefit DOES NOT cover routine screening.

Important things you should know about you cover: Refer to the policy wording for conditions and any shortfall relating to ACC payments. The specialist and tests module may includes a range of exclusions so that premiums are kept as low as possible for you - Please make sure you know what these are and be aware of specific medical condition not covered under the policy.


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