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REAL Series1211AHWP is pleased to annouce that we have established a 'silver' sponsorship with the REAL Woman series. There's nothing like it. REAL - Regular-Exercise-Active-Lives. In support of the REAL series we have collaborated with one of New Zealand's top medical insurers to extend a special premium rate for REAL participants. This is aligned with a common objective to aknowledge and reward participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also with Woman being role models in many areas it also stands to reason that REAL Woman will encourage those around them to do the same. Please click on the REAL logo to visit their website to browse, get a few friends together and enter in the upcoming events and then consider the options offered by Accuro Health Insurance.

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For Accuro SmartCare product detail click here. And for a no obligation medical quote please click on the Accuro logo.

Accuro Health Insurance is one of the leading medical insurers in New Zealand and offer the entire range of modules from Hospital plans, Specialists and tests, General medical, Dental and optical and Natural health plans. It was important to identify with an insurer that shared similar values so this resulted in an easy and comfortable fit for all parties. In addition to the comprehensive range of products Accuro Health has extended a special premium rate for REAL Woman Series partcipants. Please click on their logo to visit their website for further information and check on a special rate quote for yourself (and include your partners and dependants). If this is to your satisfaction you can complete the application on-line. Should you have any queries please feel free to call us at HWP or e-mail us for additional information.

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