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Neil B Clarke / AFA / Director:

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I have been in the insurance business since 1991. Changing occupation from mechanical engineering to insurance I initially started with Liberty Life in South Africa. I left them to join Colin Cooper & Associates and worked in the Life and Employee Benefits division. I was a Director at CC&A when we decided to leave SA for New Zealand in 1999.

Since coming to New Zealand I found that Employee Benefit schemes are not popular and supported. This was beginning of Health Wealth Preservation in 2002.

The intention was always to provide suitable benefits for Companies that cover Insurance, Medical, Mortgages and Investments. We have preferential rates that we extend to our clients.

I am an 'Authorised financial Adviser' (AFA) which enable us to assist Companies with KiwiSaver. We assist our clients with their Insurance, Medical, Mortgage and Investments portfolios. In addition to this we have established many professional relationships to ensure that our clients requirements are met. We place the interest of the client first.

Please feel free to contact us should you need any further information or arrange a time for us to meet with you to explain our facilities.


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